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Sport Clubs

Club Information

About Sport Clubs:

A 'Sport Club' is a campus group that provides recreation, competition, and/or instruction in sport-related activities. Sport Clubs are an integral part of the Department of Recreation Services, designed to supplement intercollegiate, intramural, and student/faculty recreation programs, as well as physical education classes. There are more than 50 sport clubs, all run primarily on student initiative and leadership.

Sport Club Fair:

Every year there is an annual Sport Club Activity Fair held on campus. Every year the Sport Club Activity Fair is held on the Tuesday after Labor Day in the Flanagan Gymnasium from 6:30pm - 8:30pm.  Must have a current SU/ESF ID to enter.

This event allows interested students the opportunity to meet club representatives and find out specific information about each club. If you are unable to attend the event, than above you will find a link to the Sport Club Contacts, which lists the president for each club and their email.

Sport Club Listings:

Aikido: Training in the Japanese martial art aikido, enabling members to develop coordination of the mind and body.

Badminton: All skill levels welcome, with weekly practices and participation in local collegiate tournaments.

Ballroom Dancers

Ballroom Dance: Learn and improve dance steps including the fox trot, swing, cha-cha, rhumba, waltz, samba, and salsa. Opportunity to participate in off-campus ballroom and swing competition.

  • For more information visit the BDO Facebook page.

Baseball: Fall and spring competition as a member of the National Club Baseball Association Northeast Atlantic Division.

  • For more information visit the Baseball webpage.

Black Reign Step Team: Our mission is to exude the power of stepping through energetic performance for both the SU area and our Upstate community; to provide an environment where people from diverse backgrounds can express themselves through stepping.  As a step team we aim to showcase the art of stepping through fellowship, unity, discipline and precision.

Bowling: Weekly intra-club league competition during the fall and spring semesters and participation in regional collegiate tournaments.

Boxing:  Our mission is aimed to keep students focused on academics and fitness through training and discipline.  Students may join to learn the necessary fundamentals and basics of central importance in the art of boxing.  Check out our facebook page.

Break Dancing: Learn how to breakdance. Performances and competitions throughout the community and region.


 Cheon Ji In: Mission is to transfer and communicate Korean culture through playing Poongmul, the Korean percussion music, to the global community.

Cricket players

Cricket: Popular international sport with year-round practice and a competitive season from May to October.

Cycling: Mountain and road-racing as a member of the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference and National Collegiate Cycling Association. Check us out: Cycling

Dance Works: More than 100 students are involved with this dance troupe's annual spring three-day performance spectacular. African, tap, ballet, improvisational, and jazz are the types of dance performed. Check us out: Danceworks


Equestrian: English and Western riding in regional and national competition as a member of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association.

Fencing: Learn and improve skills while hosting a fall and spring tournament and competing in a number of off-campus tournaments during the academic year.

Field Hockey: Fun and competitive atmosphere provided for students of all skill levels with fall and spring dual competition and tournaments.

Figure Skater

Figure Skating: Freestyle and Sychronized Beginners and experienced skaters welcome at weekly practices at the Tennity Ice Skating Pavilion.  Synchro Club Webpage

Golf: Men's and women's teams compete in the fall and spring at Drumlins Golf Course, located on the campus bus shuttle route. Regional competition in tournaments and dual matches.

  • For more information visit the Golf webpage.

Gymnastics: Offered for men and women, these teams compete in home and away dual meets and tournaments, including annual participation in the National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs Championships.

  • For more information on Women's Gymnastics visit the Gymnastics webpage.

Ice Hockey: Men's and women's teams compete against teams from the northeast with practice and home competition at the Tennity Ice Skating Pavilion. The men's club is a member of the Eastern Collegiate Hockey League and the American Collegiate Hockey Association, while the women are affiliated with USA Hockey.

Judo: We exist to educate members about the principles of Judo/Ju-jitsu as a sport and martial art in a safe, engaging, hands-on environment that's open to verterans and newcomers alike.

Kendo: Modern Japanese martial art, which descended from traditional swordsmanship. We emphasize the principles of Kendo that will allow practitioners to continuously develop their skills and experience personal growth. We regularly participate in intercollegiate tournament throughout the year. People of all skill levels are welcomed; no experience required.

 Lacrosse: Fall and spring practice and competition for men and women. The men's club is a member of the National College Lacrosse League, while the women compete in games and tournaments against regional teams.

  • Check out the Women's Lacrosse Facebook page

One World: Our mission is to entertain, inspire and educate Syracuse Universtiy and Syracuse community on African dance and culture through our intricate movements and bubbling energy.  We choreograph and preform African tribal and modern pieces with live drumming!

  • Check out the One World Facebook page - suoneworld

Orange Pulse: One of Syracuse University's newest dance clubs and the only performing dance group with no tryouts. Gives people an opportunity to start something they have never tried or pick up an old passion, as well as perform in an annual show.

Outing Club: The Syracuse University Outing Club, founded in 1935, is run by students of Syracuse University and the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry. Membership is open to the entire university community. Our purpose is to promote the enjoyment of our natural environment, and to have a lot of fun in the outdoors.

Quidditch:  An IQA recognized team.  We aim to give players opportunities to improve skills on an individual and team level while competing against teams from across the country.  We also aim to foster a unique social community and create friendships that extend beyond the pitch.  Check out our facebook page.

Roller Hockey: Men's team that competes in tournaments as part of the expanding ECRHA.  A revamped roster, newly purchased equipment, and a changed mindset makes for a great near future as we play against rival Northeast and Mid-Atlantic schools.  Membership is open to all who are interested in hockey, as we welcome seasoned players, players transitioning from Ice, or even students who have not played recently to skate at practice.  For more information find us on Facebook--SU Roller Hockey.

Rugby: Men's and women's teams compete in the fall and spring as members of the Upstate Rugby Union, including dual matches and tournament competition.

Rugby match

Running: Dedicated medium for both leisure based and competitive running to occur.  Offering the opportunity to students to train with a team of passionate individuals, with hopes of becoming a better runner and healthier individual.

Sailing: To educate students about the sport of sailing, to encourage students to participate in sailing, to teach racing techniques and tactics, and to promote participation and teamwork while competing with the Middle Atlantic Intercollegiate Sailing Association (MAISA).

  • For more information visit the Sailing webstie.

Shotokan: Promotes the practice of traditional Shotokan karate-do amond the Syracuse University community in an open and friendly environment.  Participants will train in the fundamentals of stance, body movement, blcoking, striking, kicking and self-defense application.

Ski Racing: Alpine racing opportunities for men and women. Member of the United States Collegiate Ski Racing Association. Host and compete in a number of ski meets in the spring throughout the northeast.
For more information visit the Ski Racing Facebook page.

Soccer: Fall and spring members of the Syracuse Indoor Soccer Center league for men and women in addition to outdoor competition. The women are members of the Northeast Collegiate Women's Club Soccer League.

Winter members of the Syracuse Indoor Soccer league for men and women in addition to outdoor competition in the Fall. The men and women are members of the Northeast Collegiate Club Soccer League. For more information visit the Men's Soccer website.

Softball: Fall and spring practices allow members to learn and improve skills for spring competition against regional teams.

 Swimming: Participate in weekly practices to improve skills and compete in a fun atmosphere. 

 Swing: The purpose of the club is to provide the SU community an opportunity to experience different types of swing dancing and meet new students with common interests. Students participate in community dances in downtown Syracuse as well as dances at other universities in the northeast.

Syracuse Orange Bhangra: Bhangra is a lively form of folk music and dance that originates from Punjab, the northwest province of India.The members of the Syracuse Orange Bhangra hope to increase cultural awareness among the Syracuse campus and to integrate others into this popular sub-culture. 

Orange Bhangra dance team

SU Zinda : The official Syracuse University competitive Garba-Raas Dance team. Garba-Raas is a folk dance from the Indian state of Gujarat. Our team is dedicated to promoting South Asian culture through our innovative choreography, which represents Gujarati tradition fused with modern.

T.A.P.: Unique and fun form of dance allows members to learn various tap styles for use at campus shows and regional and national competitions as a member of the International Tap Association.

Table Tennis:  Organized social and competitive table tennis events throughout the academic year open to all skill levels.

Tennis: Practice and compete outdoors in the fall and at the Drumlins Tennis Club during the winter months. Men's and women's teams offered.

Triathlon: This multi-sport activity allows members to improve cycling, running and swimming skills for triathlon competition. Members are eligible to compete at various triathlons in and around the Syracuse area.

Ultimate Frisbee: Popular fall and spring sport for men and women. Sectional and regional tournament activity as a member of the Ultimate Players Association.

Volleyball: Men's and women's teams practice and compete during the fall and spring semesters in a number of dual matches and multi-team tournaments. The men's club is affiliated with the Eastern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association Upstate Conference and the women with the Northeast Women's Club Volleyball League.

Water Polo: Engage with enthusiastic members to improve skills and compete as a member of the National Collegiate Water Polo Association

Wrestling: Learn and improve wrestling skills at weekly practice sessions. Members will have the opportunity to compete against club teams throughout the northeast.

Information for Club Members

Sport Club Handbook

Club Forms

Fill out and submit forms electronically or as a hard copy to:

Angie Petrie
241 Archbold Gym