Open to all Syracuse University and SUNY ESF students, faculty and staff members.

Go on-line for more detailed information on organizing a team, forfeit fees, and other important information about getting involved.

The Managers Meetings are MANDATORY.
Each team must be represented at the managers meeting by at least one team member.
All managers meetings will be held in the Women's Building at 6:00pm, dates are listed below by sport. Bring your SUID card for building entry.

The Officials Clinics held on Thursday nights are at the Women's BUilding at 7:15pm, dates are listed below by sport. Bring your SUID Card for building entry.

The Officials Clinics held on Friday nights are at the Women't Building at 4pm, dates are listed below by sport. Bring your SUID Card for building entry.

Click here for detailed information on how to register for SU Intramural Sports.


5-on-5 Basketball
Registration Deadline: 1/24
Mandatory Managers Mtg: 1/25
Officials Clinic: 1/25 & 1/26

Indoor Soccer
Registration Deadline: 1/31
Mandatory Managers Mtg: 2/1
Officials Clinic: 2/1 & 2/2

4-on-4 Volleyball
Registration Deadline: 2/5
Mandatory Managers Mtg: 2/8
Officials Clinic: 2/8 & 2/9

March Madness Bracket Challenge
Registration Deadline:  3/14
Mandatory Managers Mtg: N/A
Officials Clinic:  N/A

** 3-on-3 Basketball / Skills 
Registration Deadline: 4/1
Mandatory Managers Mtg: 4/4
Officials Clinic: N/A

Registration Deadline: 4/1
Mandatory Managers Mtg: 4/5
Officials Clinic: 4/5 & 4/6

Registration Deadline: 4/2
Mandatory Managers Mtg: 4/9
Officials Clinic: N/A

*** Sand Volleyball
Registration Deadline: 4/6
Mandatory Managers Mtg: 4/10
Officials Clinic: 4/10 & 4/11

Ultimate Frisbee
Registration Deadline: 4/13
Mandatory Managers Mtg: 4/17
Officials Clinic: 4/17 & 4/18     

Minute to Win It - TBD                   

All sports could be played any day of the week, depending on availability of facilities.

** 3-on-3 Basketball / Skills will be a one weekend tournament
*** Sand Volleyball will be a one weekend event
****Ultimate Frisbee will be a one weekend event

U = University Division: Played under men's rules
- Open to all SU/ESF students, faculty and staff are eligible to participate.
- "A" and "B" Sub-divisions in all sports with sufficient registration in each to support competition.

W = Women's Division: Played under women's rules
- An individual may play for only one team / one division in a given sport.

CR = Co-Rec Division: Rules have been modified to insure a 50% gender split and equalize participation opportunity.
- Participants may play in Co-Rec AND ONE of the above divisions in a sport.

Some Quick Intramural Facts

  • All intramural registration is done ONLINE at
    Team managers MUST have their team name, and the names and email addresses of ALL players to register
  • Deadlines are DEADLINES. If you MISS a deadline, the odds are you will NOT be able to play the sport. The web page will be inaccessible after the deadline
  • Intramural sports are free unless you DON'T show up! Forfeits are a pain for everyone, so to increase the likelihood that you WILL show, a forfeit fee is charged at registration and may be picked up at the conclusion of the sport if you played all your games/matches. The charge is $20 for team sports. This is paid at the managers meeting only and we only accept a credit card for payment. NO CASH can be accepted by our office.
  • Forfeit Fee refunds are the responsibility of the MANAGER to claim in the Recreation Office, women's building Rm 003, after the conclusion of a sport. Any fees remaining at the end of the school year are not refundable or applicable to the following year's sports
  • There will be a charge of $40 for ICE TIME for intramural broomball. The charge MUST be paid at registration with the forfeit fee, and is NOT refundable, whether or not a team completes the season