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Intramural Sports Registration Information:

Some Quick Intramural Facts

  • All intramural registration is done ONLINE at
    Team managers MUST have their team name, and the names and email addresses of ALL players to register
  • Deadlines are DEADLINES. If you MISS a deadline, the odds are you will NOT be able to play the sport. The web page will be inaccessible after the deadline
  • Intramural sports are free unless you DON'T show up! Forfeits are a pain for everyone, so to increase the likelihood that you WILL show, a forfeit fee is charged at registration and may be picked up at the conclusion of the sport if you played all your games/matches. The charge is $20 for team sports and $3 for individual and double sports. This is paid in the Recreation Services Office, 241 Archbold Gym, during business hours and we can only accept a credit card for payment. NO CASH can be accepted by our office.
  • Forfeit Fee refunds are the responsibility of the MANAGER to claim in the REC Office, 241 Archbold Gym, after the conclusion of a sport. Any fees remaining at the end of the school year are not refundable or applicable to the following year's sports
  • NOTE: When you come to the Recreation Services Office, you will be required to fill out a form. A check will be mailed to you in approximately two weeks.
  • There will be a charge of $40 for ICE TIME for intramural broomball. The charge MUST be paid at registration with the forfeit fee, and is NOT refundable, whether or not a team completes the season