Adult Learn to Swim: Classes begin September 7 and run for 12 weeks

Beginner Classes
Fridays 9:10-10am
Fridays 5:10-6pm
Saturdays 12:10-1pm

Intermediate Class
Saturdays 1:10-2pm 

12 Swimming Lesson Classes - $60 for Students / $75 for Faculty & Staff


Aqua Fitness
A challenging low-impact aerobics class using all the major muscle groups to enhance total body fitness in the aquatic environment. Equipment will be supplied to increase the intensity.
Aqua shoes are required for all shallow water and Hydrorider classes.

Deep Water Fitness
A highly challenging non-impact aerobics class incorporating all the major muscle groups. This workout is designed to give you strength training that will increase muscle mass and bone density for total body conditioning. Comfort in deep water is required.

Swim Lessons
We offer Red Cross Level one, two, and three Certified Adult Swim Lessons. Advanced and beginner swim lessons are available. In order to enroll for advanced swim lessons, you must be able to swim 25 yards by front crawl stroke and 25 yards back crawl stroke.

Dependent Policy
Children who cannot swim and/or are under 50 inches tall must be attended in the water by a parent or guardian on a one-to-one ratio. All dependents must pass a deep-water test in order to swim in the pools.

Private Swimming Lessons
All ranges of swimming ability are accepted. If you are interested in scheduling a private swimming lesson, please email; Terrance Neidl - Coordinator of Aquatics and Safety