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Facility Entry Policy

Facility Entry Policy

- Present a valid SU, ESF or University College ID Card to enter each indoor recreation facility.

- Present a Facility Access Pass, Guest Pass, Syracuse Charger Swim Team Card, Alumni Facility Access Pass or Dependent Card (during dependent hours) to enter.

- Students, faculty and staff members from SU, ESF or University College who fail to bring their valid ID card to enter any recreation facility will be allowed to enter under the following conditions:

  • They provide their net ID or ID card number to the student at the entry point;
  • Their ID card is confirmed as valid;
  • Individuals whose ID card is confirmed as valid will be allowed to enter without their ID Card on no more than two occasions during each semester (and summer).

- For safety and security reasons, please do not allow another individual to use your ID Card.

- Please treat Recreation Services student and professional staff members with respect.

We ask that you comply with these guidelines to ensure a safe, secure and healthy experience. While we prefer not to, those individuals who do not comply may be subject to temporary or permanent removal from recreation facilities.